Tuesday, April 19, 2011

O’Reilly Conference MySQL Cluster slides available

I finally uploaded my MySQL Cluster session slides to the O'Reilly conference page. They are available here:

The "Session Management" session I shared with my collegue Mat from our product marketing. Its an introduction to session management and describes the advantages of using MySQL Cluster in this special use case. But it also shows examples of how to set up session management with PHP, how to configure memcached on top of cluster for the easiest set-up and highest availability.

The "Sometimes SQL" session highlights all the different access methods to the cluster data storage node layer. C++, LDAP, Java, our new memcached layer and sometimes even SQL. A completely new feature is available in our development milestone cluster 7.2: by pushing down joins to the storage layer executing them distributed and in parallel network traffic is reduced dramatically. We have seen performance gains of 40x and more for some queries. If you found cluster too slow for your web work load you should give it another try now. Together with cluster index statistics still waiting in the labs for you though this will make a unique combination.

Btw, in 7.2 we are not only making the web developer's life easier. Also our data store admins will be glad to hear that MySQL grants can be stored centrally in cluster now distributing them to all connected MySQL Servers.

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