Thursday, December 03, 2015

"Data" and "Performance" is where MySQL Cluster's heart is.

In-memory performance and always-up drives our agenda. The Percona Live Data Performance Conference is coming up with two submitted sessions about Cluster.

If you want to learn from MySQL Cluster how to build high performance solutions yourself then you should probably place a vote on Developing for extreme performance. If you want to know about the latest developments and how to build a highly elastic real-time service based on MySQL Cluster then Elastic real-time services with MySQL Cluster is your session.

In the first technical session we will be taking a deep dive into how to scale to extreme levels of real time performance. You will learn a lot from Cluster for your own solution. Discover how network, CPU, interrupts handling affect performance of a distributed system and how sometimes delays and bottlenecks are not that bad after all.
The second session will show you how to adopt to capacity needs in seconds rather than hours or days. The MySQL Cluster architecture allows to adopt to capacity demands making resources available instantaneously and when needed. Adding or removing nodes in seconds without interrupting service. Its native node.js platform and connectors for Java make it easy to write real-time web applications in the cloud. And obviously there is always news to talk about.

MySQL Cluster is the solution to bring mobile phone services to billions of people, to run the most popular gaming back-ends or innovating banking solutions.

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